5 Dollar Thrift Challenge

There was a 5 Dollar Thrift Challenge setup by the 2 Aussie Thrifters in 2020.

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$5 Challenge Rules (AUD)
Welcome to the #5dollarthriftChallenge the challenge to test your reseller prowess, a chance to challenge yourself and others to start with just $5 and see what you can turn that $5 into over the next 6 months

Please feel free to invite others to participate in this challenge.

Here is the concept:
Everyone starts with $5 (on the 1st of June), the idea is to see how much you can turn that $5 into by the end of November 2020, so you have 6 months to buy and sell items on ebay / Facebook / gumtree or any other platform.

You must keep track of your purchases and sales via supplied form.
When you buy the item take a photo of the item /price and a photo of the item when you sell it (for confirmation of price).
This will ensure that the competition is fair.
We will be sharing updated leader boards on Instagram and Facebook over the course of the 6 months.

1) You must Submit proof of purchases / sales to be verified.
2) You can use your money how ever you want you can use it all on 1 item or buy a bulk lot with the money (however you must track each item individually).
3) Once you have purchased an item, it is locked in and can not be traded for any other item you pick up, so choose wisely.
4) You can sell your item on any platform you wish.
5) If you sell your item on ebay (we will set the fees at a standard 13%), shipping will also need to be factored into any sale where applicable. please ensure you deduct this from your sales price.

There will be a leaderboard available for viewing all through the challenge so get out there and GOODLUCK!


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