Charity Channel Hop – Playback

The list is currently missing and Lianie’s last video, those videos might be set to Private, can you please change to Public ASAP.

Lainie doing a Halloween Party Later tonight.

Charity Channel Hop
Friday 30th October 2020 (2pm-2am)

2.00pm – Nic & Andrea Hills

2.20pm – Karin The Sewing Thifter

2.40pm – Carla Jenkins

3.00pm – JD Networking (Josh)

3.20pm – Flippin Fantastic Finds (Kelly)

3.40pm & 4pm – Bad Biscuit (Lexx) including Auction

4.20pm – Ashleigh Carruthers

4.40pm – Reselling Life & Adventure (Mike)

5.00pm – Boffix Tax Tips (Aaron)

5.20pm – Savvy Mum UK (Donna)

5.40pm – Donna The Brummie

6.00pm – Aaron Patrick – The Quick Books Chap

6.20pm – Cookie & The Haydens (Chris & Bell)
6.40pm – The Tat Peddler (Derek)

7.00pm – Geordie Grandma (Karen)

7.20pm – DB Resells (Damien)

7.40pm – Ricky Lee – Reselling Everything

8.00pm – Zaheer Malik (Zee & Becs)

8.20pm – The Global Thifters (Jack & Emily)

8.40pm – The Vinegar Jar (Peter)

9.00pm – Rummage Around (Kieran)

9.20pm – JL Resells (Jon-Luc)

9.40pm – TackShack Tom Currie

10.00pm – Knight’s Life (Richard)

10.20pm – LB Retro (Bill & Lucy)

10.40pm – Peter Wray Adventures

11.00pm – Money Mental Uk (Andrew)

11.20pm – Channel Nem (Neil)

11.40pm – World In My Eyes (Nic)

12.00am – Over The Years (Tim, Josie & Ma Dukes)

12.20am – The Lone Star Picker (Louie)

12.40am – Ronnie Lamborn

1.00am – 2 Aussie Thrifters (Brad & Jaz)

1.20am – Back From Burnout (Mel) (12.20pm 31st Oct)

1.40am – Big Girls Really Do Cry (My Channel)

2.00am – The End

Reselling Live